About Us

Welcome to North Country Lures and Flies, your source for unique lures and flies!

We are Dean and Pat Hendricks. Dean grew up fishing the streams and lakes of the Sierra Mountains, east of Sacramento. I fished the lakes in the Coastal Range and the San Francisco Bay tidewater area. Together we fished far Northern California lakes and the Sacramento River. Dean and I owned and operated North Country Guide Service for several years. Dean’s areas of expertise included fishing for salmon, trout, steelhead and bass. His clients experienced success on several northwest rivers which included the Sacramento, the Trinity, the Smith and the Klamath in California. Oregon rivers included the Rogue and Chetco. Clients also fished Shasta Lake in California. When we retired, we relocated to Florence, Oregon, where the fishing is fantastic and there is lots of it!

We’ve always made our own lures and flies. The reason? It was, and still is, exciting to catch a fish on something that we designed and handcrafted. It started in the very early 70’s, when I took a huge hook, tied on some bright red and yellow feathers and fluffy stuff, went to Whiskeytown Lake, west of Redding and caught a HUGE trout. We were fishing elbow to elbow, when the monster hit. When I got it, people crowded around and wanted to know what I was using. Well, wer’d you get that? I‘ve never seen THAT! We were really hooked. In the 1970’s , we saw an ad in our local newspaper offering a fly tying class that was being given by the owners of a tiny new fly store in Redding, California – The Fly Shop. Being middle school educators, we then began to teach basic fly tying to our students. It was very rewarding to see young people derive a sense of accomplishment from their own creations.

Over all those years, we continued to make flies and catch fish. Then we made lures and we caught more fish. After we retired, we got serious about the lure making because people commented that it wasn’t available to buy, but wanted to buy the lures we were using. So the lures were bought right off the end of the line. We made some and sold them. It was then that we wanted to give others the opportunity to see and use our lures. That was the beginning of North Country Lures and Flies.

Our lures are handcrafted one at a time, here in Florence, Oregon. First, a prototype is made and tested. To qualify, the lure must be balanced, work properly in the water AND catch fish. We have gone out of the box with our designs and styles. For example, on some of our lures you will notice larger blades. We have found that the larger blade creates more flash, gives the lure more action and gives a greater range of retrieve speed for casters and/or varied trolling speeds. Sometimes fish just want something different. Take a look at what we have, get out of the box yourself and see what YOU can do!

We are members of the Florence SALMON TROUT ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM,the Siuslaw Watershed Council. Dean is an ODFW Fishing Instructor. Dean is a member of our local chapter of Northwest Bass. Pat and Dean are members of the Florence Area Humane Society. For every lure purchased, a portion of the proceeds is donated to these groups.

Our mission is to provide you with quality lures and flies, at an affordable price, that will raise your level of success in fishing. We, as your customer service representatives, will strive to make your shopping experience with us, top notch!

Thank you for choosing us, North Country Lures and Flies. We are here to make every effort to meet your fishing needs in a timely and efficient manner.